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Guided day trips

If you want to see some of the nearby destinations, we can arrange a professional tour guide service for you.

Using bicycles

Bicycles are available upon prior arrangement. There is a limited number of bicycles, so availability check is required.


It is possible to engage a professional mountain guide.

Jankovac 37km


Jankovac, one of the most beautiful mountain valleys, is situated on the northern slopes of Papuk, 475 m above sea level. It is rich in cold springs and clear streams, surrounded by centuries-old beech trees of the Slavonian forest. Full of freshness and romance, it has always been appealing to every nature, mountain, and peace lover. Due to the extraordinary natural beauties we can no longer find in Slavonia, Jankovac was proclaimed a protected forest park in 1955.

Rupnica 11km


Distance about 11 km. Only walking tour.

Rupnica is a unique geological monument of nature, southwest from Voćin. It is a very rare feature of columnar volcanic rock. The fast cooling rate of its surface causes cracks shaped in squares, pentagons and hexagons.

The locality is the first proclaimed geological monument of nature in Croatia.

Crni vrh i Vrani kamen 6h


6-hour walking distance.

The second option is to go by car to Đulovec (approx. 36 km) and then take a 3-hour hike. Crni Vrh is the highest peak of the western part of the Papuk mountain, 865 meters above sea level. It is located between Vrani Kamen and Voćin. Further on the mountain route, towards Daruvar, there is a geological formation Vrani Kamen.

The top is rocky and therefore completely different from other peaks in Slavonia. At the top, there is a small shelter, built by CMA Petrov Vrh. Mountaineers will enjoy one of the most beautiful parts of the Slavonian hiking path.

Kamengrad 3km


Distance 8 km, hiking route 3 km.

Kamengrad is a medieval fortress at the top of Papuk, 640 m above sea level, and extending over 1 hectare of land. It was built by the local noblemen, from the 14th until the 16th century. It was conquered by the Ottomans in 1536 and held for over 150 years. The fort was built on a cone-shaped, steep hill and was of military significance. It has been abandoned for the last 300 years and in the phase of natural decomposition. The influence of the atmosphere, the flora and fauna, devastate the walls, the stones ripple, and the fort is losing original contours.

There are many legends about the fort, and the most interesting one is about hidden gold. After being liberated from the Ottomans, a rumor spread around the surrounding villages about the gold hidden underneath the fortress. A brave man walked into the cellars and saw a snake with a crown on its head, lying on the gold. He got scared, took some gold and ran to a nearby village.

Stari hrastovi 4km


The Giants of Papuk, over 400 years old, are the oldest living organisms in Slavonia. Atypical phenomenon within birch and fig community. Unfortunately, one of them was brought down by time.

Lisičine 23km


Distance about 23 km, a walking tour.

Lisičine Arboretum is located in the village of Lisičine, in the municipality of Voćin, in the middle of the Papuk mountain. It was opened in 1963 and plants have been grown since. It is rich in diverse species of trees and shrubs, including native species of Croatia and different species from all over Europe, Asia and America. Lisičine is the perfect place for relaxing walks, especially for those who love flowers and plants.

Sekulinačke Mountains 14km


The special forest vegetation reserve, protected in 1966, is located in the part of Papuk which is most difficult to reach, around 800 m above sea level, on an area of 8 hectares. Distance approx. 14 km, more than half hiking. We suggest hiring a tour guide.

Svinjarevac 7km


The locality is extremely rich in various types of moss, lichenes, and wormholes. Distance approx. 7 km, smaller part hiking. A tour guide needed.

Vražji mlin 6km


A canyon with cascading waterfalls, where the stream Krajčinovica flows into Paleški Jarak. Distance approx. 7 km, partially by car, one part on foot.

Vrh Papuka 13km


Papuk is the highest peak of the Papuk mountain, which extends through Slavonia, Croatia. It is located at the boarder of Požeško-slavonska and Virovitičko-podravska county. It offers a unique view from the top onto the Golden Valley. Distance approx. 13 km. Depending on the route, more than half on foot. Guide not needed.



Cycle the surrounding roads and paths, or ride one of the GPS marked paths nearby.

Aureus Mons


Nature park Papuk and the wider area are rich in hiking trails.

Aureus Mons


There is a lake suitable for fishing nearby (300 m). Get more information by filling out the inquiry form.


Novo Zvečevo

The villas are located in the village of Novo Zvečevo, 477 meters above sea level, in the vicinity (less than 60 km) of 6 Slavonian towns: Požega, Virovitica, Daruvar, Lipik, Orahovica and Kutjevo.

Nearby, there are a well-known excursion site Jankovac, which will enchant you with beauty, Rupnica – a unique geological monument, and Lisičine Arboretum, with over 500 different families of woody plants.